Bournemouth is an exciting seaside resort and a colourful student town, with visitors and students from all over the world creating a cosmopolitan and international atmosphere. The mild climate and fine summer weatheris perfect for a great outdoor holiday experience. It's a busy town with great shopping facilities and live entertainment. Our summer English schools are just a few minutes away from the city centre,which is surrounded by beautiful gardens. From here it is only a short walk to one of Britain's cleanest and most popular sandy beaches. Our residences and the school are within a few minutes walking distance from each other. In the afternoon and evening an international team will organize various activities for all IP students. All of this will contribute to you speaking a lot of English with students from all over the world - in the summer 2015 there were between 60 and 250 students with 20 different nationalities per week.


Our language school is located in a former church built in the 19. Century and was refurbished in 2014. In our IP Ocean Lounge, the meeting-point in Bournemouth, you can admire our historic organ. Of course our school offers a lot of comfort: The IP Fruit 'n' Fit - Corner offers you all day long water, tea and fruit and you can relax in our summer garden with your new friends. Furthermore you can spend your free time on the beach, which is only 10 minutes away from school. In summer we utilize the Bournemouth & Poole College, which is situated just a 15-minute-walk from the school, the town Centre and the beach. 
Because of this, our programme takes place at the school, in the city center or at our own Beach Hut on the Beach.


Our aim is to offer our students a unique learning experience in a friendly international atmosphere. We conduct regular testing and use modern resources, both inside and outside the classroom, to encourage language learning.
Our management team is committed to ensuring your stay with us is an enriching and fulfilling learning experience that you will never forget.

Fun Inspiring Teaching = Faster Learning

We aim to maximise your learning by taking a varied approach to your education which is done in the following way: 
Our lessons are based around a course book with weekly testing, negotiated learning and regular tutorials. This provides a balanced focus of all four skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening) and allows us to measure your progress over each term. We also take into account multiple learning styles, through the use of different materials. All students are assessed regularly and given the opportunity to feedback to their teacher regarding their progress and specific areas which need improvement.  Our teachers are carefully selected to ensure they have the skills necessary to deliver interesting lessons for all levels.  Teachers are encouraged to use modern texts and up to date delivery methods to keep students engaged.

Experienced And Friendly Teachers


We maximize students’ progress through careful recruitment of qualified teachers with either a TEFL qualification or a teaching qualification (PGCE Primary/ PGCE Secondary for modern Languages with ELT/ TESOL subsidiary).

Our specialist Legal English teachers for the Advanced TOLES qualification are additionally qualified. 
Our specialist ILM Tutors/Assessors are directly approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management as having the academic qualifications, skills and vocational experience to deliver an effective learning programme. For example, our lead tutor has helped hundreds of companies globally with their business planning, sales and marketing, and learning and development needs. 

Their aim is not only to improve your English but also to support you.